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Africa is booming. Explore the creative forces that have been unleashed with the internet and new media platforms. Experience the music, the cuisine, the communities and people of Africa.

Get to know who we are, what we do and what our upcoming projects are.

What We Do

Afrovision owns and develops publishing assets and media content that showcases African creativity. Our mission is to help our viewers and users discover Africa in a new light; the music, the cuisine, the attractions and the brands.

Promoting Africa

Our ambition is to promote African destinations and show the local cultures, attractions, activities and opportunities in a new light. Furthermore, we want to help African brands build an international presence through our global audience.

We develop engaging content about Africa on various platforms and in different formats.

Find unique experiences in Africa:

Pan-African Song Contest

Our cornerstone project is the development of an annual, pan-African Song Contest. The inaugural event is set to take place in the second half of 2022 and will see 16 African nations compete for the bragging rights of best African song of the year.The announcement of the host city for the 2022 event will be announced in December 2021. If you would like to request more information about this project and possible partnership opportunities, contact us.

Building African Brands

Our mission is to build meaningful brands with Afrian narratives. Every brand tells a story that is communicated in every activity of the business. It is our vision that Africa needs more brands with compelling stories.

The purpose of Afrovision is threefold:

  • We build African brand assets

  • We help African brands with compelling stories

  • We promote Brand Africa

If you are interested in working together on any of those overarching objectives, we would love to talk!

About Us

Terry Devos is the founder of Afrovision. Born in Uganda, Terry moved to London for studies as a young man. Terry made his mark on the music scene as vocalist in the Swedish- based hip-hop band Swahili Nation.Terry is also a graduate of the Icelandic Film School and has operated as a creative and art director in various projects. He was a co-founder of the bespoke shirt company Skyrta and has extensive work experience within the hospitality industry.

Newsmith Capital ehf. is a lead investor in the Afrovision project. Newsmith Capital specializes in online businesses in early stages of their business development.Afrovision has also assembled a team of advisers with extensive expertise across various media industries, across Africa, Europe and the United States.

Contact Us

We are always looking for new partners. If you are a creator or represent a media company active in Africa, we would love to get to you and what you are working on.

Discover the Music of Africa

The Afrovision Song Contest is a Pan-African live event that is currently in development and is expected to be held for the first time in 2022. The inaugural host country will be announced in the coming 2021.

Song Contest Format

In the inaugural event, 16 musical acts from 16 different African nations will compete for the winning song. Viewers will cast their votes. The contest will take place on a 250 sq.m. custom stage and will be broadcast globally.

Engagement and Tokenization

One of the distinguishing features of Afrovision will be a revolutionary tokenization model and web app that will bring reward those users who engage the most through different stages of the event.

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We are always looking for new partners. If you are a creator or represent a media company active in Africa, we would love to get to you and what you are working on.